Whether you're wanting to fish or float, the Big Piney is a great choice.

At 67 miles, Big Piney Creek is not particularly long by Arkansas standards. But mile for mile, there's no doubt it ranks among the best float streams in the state. Whitewater enthusiasts will agree that stretches of Big Piney are prime spots for canoeing adventures.

For one thing, the Piney is situated in some very interesting country--the heart of the Ozarks. Its headwaters region is rugged and remote, and the few communities to be found have appropriate names like Fallsville, Limestone, and Deer.

The Piney itself is a clear mountain stream wasting little time on its journey toward the Arkansas River. It hurries pellmell over ledges and numerous rapids in a twisting course through Newton, Johnson, and Pope Counties. It flows past bluffs, alongside gravel bars, and under overhanging hardwoods. Some consider the Piney to be "the classic Ozark stream."

If nothing else, the Piney offers a classic mix of recreational opportunities. The creek and adjacent public lands provide an ideal setting for floating, fishing, camping, hiking, hunting, and swimming--not to mention other rituals like rock-skipping and plain old relaxing. In short, the Piney has something for everyone. In the cool, clear waters of the Big Piney, anglers have especially good luck with smallmouth bass fishing.