A vast majority of those floating the Big Piney don't carry fishing equipment. No doubt some fear they'll lose their rods and reels at the first rapid, but most probably don't realize that the stream is a good place to fish. A veteran fisherman, though, will note the cool, clear water with its rocky cover and come to one conclusion--smallmouth bass fishing. That fish can be caught in the pools of the Piney and so can spotted, as can the gargemouth bass, longear and green sunfish and rock bass. But the smallmouth bass fishing is excellent at big Piney Creek.

Fishing the Big Piney can be a twelve month pastime, but most authorities will recommend the late spring/early summer period. In the hotter months, diehards may have some luck in the creek's deep pools, but getting there may require dragging boats over shallows or even bushwhacking through cane thickets. Anglers seldom visit the Piney during late fall and winter months, but it's during this period the largest bass are often taken.